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Please ask questions,so we can update our list of common answers

Q. What is the starting time?

A. 09:45 Registration with a prompt 10AM start

Q. What's a Veteran? Vet?

A.Petanque player over 55, nowt to do with animals or armed forces

Q. Registration?

A. Deposits being taken now

Q. Which players are eligible?

A. Petanque Veterans (55+) from Great Britain+ (Invites to England,Wales,Scotland,Gibraltar, Guernsey & Jersey) and now ROW

Q. Is their only one prize winner?

A. NO £500 cash on the day and a  further sponsorship of 500 Euro to play the Marseillaise. Currently  if all 24 places taken Main RU &SF Cash plus Plate & RU

**update Plate winner £100 from RWBPC- Imagine Cruising

Q. Are all games timed?

A. Group Stages not Knockout

Q. What if I cannot do Marseillaise or whole team?

A. £500 paid on the day with Euro split with charity and your team 4 weeks after winning.

Q. What charities are supported?

A. Team BPM are equally supporting the RWBPC 2024 Charities:

BloodBikes (Freewheelers - Local)

Polio Eradication (Global)

Macmillan Cancer Support (National)

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